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How to complete your DCC training.

How to Complete Your Departmental Card Coordinator Training

Prior to becoming a Departmental Card Coordinator(DCC), you must completeonline training provided by the WV State Auditor’s Office. Please remember, this training is required for all WVU and WVURC DCC’s.In addition, DCC’s are also required to take “refresher training”annually.

To complete your training, please use the following instructions:

New Departmental Card Coordinator Training:

1.  Email to request access to the WV State Auditor’s Office training website.

2.  PCPS PCard Administration will then email instructions for how to access your training, which will involve setting up
     a  login at the WV State Auditor’s Office training website.

3.  Once you have created a login on the WV State Auditor’s Office training website, you can then complete the
      following training modules:

4.  Complete the quiz for CoordinatorTraining and quiz for Ethics Training.

5.  If you are also a cardholder, you will need to complete the Electronic Cardholder Agreement.

6.  Once you have successfully passed both quizzes, you will receive a Completion Certificate for each quiz. Please
     forward those Certificates to

Refresher Training:

1.  Log into the State Auditor’s Office’s website at: your “My Apps” ID and Password. If you do not remember your password, please click on “reset password”.

2.  Click on “My Apps”.

3.  Click on “PCard Training”.

4.  Click on “Training Materials”.

5.  Complete the following training modules:
WV State Auditor’s Policy and Procedure Manual
The West Virginia Ethics Act and PCard Usage

6.  Complete the quiz for Coordinator Training and quiz for Ethics Training.

7.  If you are also a cardholder, please complete the Cardholder Agreement.

If you have any questions regarding your Departmental Card Coordinator training, please feel free to contact PCPS PCard Administration at