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Mountaineer Marketplace News

Mountaineer Marketplace will ensure WVU gets best prices on good products

WVU employees will no longer have to shop around for the best prices on quality products or file paperwork to complete routine purchases when Mountaineer Marketplace replaces the WVU Buy system this spring. Faculty and staff will be able to shop quickly and easily from pre-approved vendors and catalogs with confidence that Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services (PCPS) has already bargained to ensure the best value for the University.

Employees also will be able to use the new system for vendors who are not yet in the existing catalogs; PCPS will help find the right product at the right price. Users will fill shopping carts as they would on Amazon and check out without need for a PCard. The system is fully integrated with MAP (Mountaineer Administrative Processes), so it knows who you are and routes purchases automatically for the proper approvals.

While WVU Buy had shortcomings and problems that discouraged its use, Mountaineer Marketplace is a user-friendly, intuitive tool that is robust and efficient. In short, it works. Health Sciences and the Eberly College of Arts & Sciences will pilot Mountaineer Marketplace beginning in May, with a full campus-wide rollout expected in August 2016.

Assistant Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer David Beaver anticipates Mountaineer Marketplace will save WVU at least $5 million a year at a time when President Gee has tasked 12 teams with finding $45 million in savings over the next five years. When fully deployed across the institution, the savings could be significantly greater.

To put the potential impact in perspective, WVU spends more than $400 million a year on goods and services from more than 15,000 suppliers. A 10 percent reduction in cost would save the University $40 million.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.