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Mountaineer Marketplace FAQs

1.   What is Mountaineer Marketplace?
2.   Why should I use Mountaineer Marketplace?
3.   How much money will this save the University, and why should I care?
4.   Who can use it?
5.   How can I access it?
6.   What can I buy through Mountaineer Marketplace?
7.   Will I need to know my funding stream for purchases?
8.   What CAN’T Mountaineer Marketplace be used for?
9.   Can I still use my PCard?
10.  I do business with a vendor regularly, but they are not in the new vendor catalog. How can I order from them?
11.  How can I buy business cards and stationery?
12.  WVUBuy didn’t work for me. Why will this tool?
13.  Can I use Mountaineer Marketplace for personal purchases?
14.  Do any other universities use this tool?