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Assistant VP

Assistant VP for Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services
Dave Beaver 304.293.8450

Main Numbers

Main Phone Line PCPS 304.293.5711  
FAX PCPS 304.293.8152


Associate Director - Procurement Robert Beck 304.293.8475
Associate Director  Margo Hrabar 304.293.0356
Category Manager  Terri Castor 304.293.8449
Category Manager  Michelle Royce 304.293.9778
Category Manager  Dana Salotti 304.293.6680
Category Analyst Cody Winiesdorffer 304.293.9777
Category Analyst Katie McGuire 304.293.5711
 Category Analyst Josh Farner  304.293.8453
 Category Analyst Fran Jones  304.293.0372
 Category Analyst     Sara Harvey  304.293.8472

Payment Services

Associate Director - Payment Services Rachel Hays 304.293.8451
Senior Payment Manager Joy Quintana 304.293.8456
Payment Manager - PCard Katerina Jenkins  304.293.8457
Payment Manager - Disbursements MaryAnne Maxwell 304.293.5715
Payment Analyst Derek Bonner 304.293.6556
Payment Analyst Melissa Dalton 304.293.8471
Payment Analyst Betty Gossler 304.293.8454
 Payment Analyst Janelle Hill  304.293.8389
Payment Analyst Janice Horvwalt 304.293.8452
Payment Analyst Monique Odom  304.293.8458
Payment Analyst Savannah Oleksa 304.293.6381
Payment Analyst Priya Sankar 304.293.8455
Payment Analyst Nicholas Thompson 304.293.8459
Travel Analyst Caitlin Mutkus  304.293.4232
Payment Analyst Mary Roberge 304.293.9777
Payment Analyst Beth Dalton 304.293.8476

Procurement Information Systems

Associate Director Andre Quintana 304.293.8474
Specialist Sr. Alice Bowman 304.293.8447
Specialist Lewis Young 304.293.4210
Purchasing Agent  Cathy Cobb 304.293.5111
Purchasing Agent  Darlene Clingan 304.293.4001
 Purchasing Agent Jess Davis  304.293.3100

Supplier Relationship Management

Category Manager Eva Hajian 304.293.5152
Administrative Associate Senior Jackie Bowser 304.293.8448

Mail Services

Program Manager  Ivia Hensley 304.293.9402
Postal Worker Lead Mark Simpson 304.293.4050
Postal Worker II Brian Butler 304.293.4050
Postal Worker II David Carrico 304.293.4050
Postal Worker II Steven LaMar 304.293.4050
Postal Worker II Carl Rollison 304.293.4050
Postal Worker II Damian Permelia 304.293.9402