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How to Dispute a Transaction on your PCard.

A disputed transaction occurs when there is a disagreement between the cardholder and the vendor over a charge that was placed on the PCard. Disputes can include:
  • Incorrect price
  • Incorrect quantity or item received
  • Item not delivered
  • Item damaged or defective
  • Credit is needed


The first step in disputing a transaction on your PCard is to contact the vendor directly to attempt to resolve the issue. If the vendor is unwilling to resolve the issue, please document in writing that the vendor was contacted and then complete the following steps within 60 days of the transaction’s posting date:

State PCard:

1.  Notify your DCC.
2.  Complete the Dispute Form (which can be found at:
3.  Email your completed form to the WV State Auditor’s Office
4.  Submit your completed form to your DCC to keep with your receipt.


1.  Notify your DCC
2.  Call Citibank’s customer service number at 1.800.248.4553. The bank will provide any additional forms if necessary. 3.  If additional forms were needed, submit your completed forms to your DCC to keep with your receipt.If you have any
     questions, please feel free to contact PCPS PCard Administration at