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How to Purchase gift cards with Your PCard.

Please remember that gift cards cannot be purchased with your PCard unless approved in advance by PCPS PCard Administration. To request approval, please email the following information to

1.  Cardholder’s name
2   Is this on a State or WVURC PCard?
3.  Last six digits of the PCard number
4.  Vendor’s name
5.  Dollar amount
6.  Number of gift cards
7.  Description of what is being purchased
8.  Business purpose for transaction.

Please note:

All State funded requests will also require approval from the WV State Auditor Office. For these requests, PCard Administration will forward your request to the Auditor’s Office. Following review, PCard Administration will notify you via email regarding the approval of your request. A copy of the email approval from WVU PCard Administration and the WV State Auditor’s Office (if applicable) should be kept with the transaction documentation.

Things to Remember:

  • If your transaction is grant-funded, please verify the purchase is allowed for by the granting agency prior to payment.
  • Gift cards cannot be given to employees for employee recognition.
  • If an individual receiving a gift card is also an employee (i.e. participated in a study, but also an  employee), please note that this expense may be tax reportable.