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WVU Public Bid Site

As of April 23, 2018, WVU’s current public bidding site ( will no longer have new bids posted as it is being phased out to make way for a more current public bidding platform.  The new platform can be found here:

New WVU Public Bid Site

As with the current site, the new public bidding site will require that you follow the instructions on the site to create an account.  Registered supplier accounts from the current public bidding site will not automatically transfer over to the new site and you must be registered with the site to participate in a WVU bidding event.

These documents will guide you through general navigation of event structure as well as step-by-step instructions for responding to an event:

Sourcing Event Navigation and Overview

Respond to an Event Step by Step

Also of note is the new public bidding site’s functionality will allow you to receive notifications based on the commodity code(s) associated with the event.  These codes can be defined on your supplier registration profile and allow you to get email notifications when a bid is posted that matches a commodity on your profile. It is still recommended that you check the site periodically to see if there is a posted event that you are interested in. 

All competitive bidding events posted on or prior to April 23, 2018 will remain on through completion.  No events that are posted on the current site before this date will be moved to the new site.

Please email and include the subject “WVU Bids” with any questions.