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Rental Car - FAQ


Enterprise/National Car Rental FAQ

Q. Do I have to pay with my University or Research Corporation PCard or WV State Travel Card to use this service?

  • No, personal credit cards may be used. However, insurance options will vary with the use of a personal credit card. Please see our Payment and Insurance page for further details.

Q. What if I rent a vehicle with my personal credit card?

  • You will not be covered by University PCard insurance (where applicable), but you can still receive the rates and rental benefits for business use.

Q. What if I’m traveling to a location not served by Enterprise or National Car Rental?

  • You may rent a vehicle from whatever rental car agency best serves your needs at that location. Be sure to purchase the optional collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance. Do not purchase any optional liability insurance that may be offered. Call 304.292.2333 with questions.

Q. Can we use this service for guests of the University?

  • Yes, your department may make reservations, authorize guest drivers, and pay with a departmental PCard card, for guests of the University, such as job candidates, guest lecturers, etc. Dean, Director, or Designee authorization is required.

Q. Can students use this service?

  • Students may be authorized to rent/drive vehicles under this agreement (FOR OFFICIAL BUSINESS ONLY). Dean, Director, or Designee authorization is required.

Q. Can rentals for personal use be arranged under this agreement?

  • No. The rates and features of this contract are available for University authorized business only.

Q. Are long term rentals available?

  • Yes, for most vehicle needs departments may use this contract to obtain vehicles on a monthly, quarterly, or even annual basis with no ownership or maintenance responsibilities. Please see rate tables for extended rental pricing. Call your local Enterprise office with questions.

Q. There is a tax on my Enterprise invoice. Am I exempt from paying this?

  • If the car rental occurs in West Virginia or in a state that allows sales tax exemption to the University, the transaction would be exempt from paying the sales tax and you should request that the charge be removed. If the tax is listed as a “WV Rental Car Tax”, this charge is not a tax; it is a fee from Enterprise to cover the motor vehicle license and registration taxes charged by the division of Motor Vehicles to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. As this is a fee versus a tax, WVU is not exempt from paying this fee.