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Rental Car Personal Use

We are excited to work with you on a rental program that will provide you with discounted rates and VIP status with Enterprise Rent A Car every time you rent for personal use. As an employee of West Virginia University, you are eligible to take advantage of rates that are below our retail pricing year round.

Here is how to make reservations online with Enterprise:

1) Go to and select your location and dates/times of pickup and return under                    "START A RESERVATION"

2) At the bottom of the page in the Optional box- Type in "WVUPERS" and then click the Green               "Continue" Button

3) On the next page, you will confirm the location by clicking the Green "Select" Button.

4) Select the class of vehicle you want for your trip and on the next page, click the Green "Continue         to View" Button

5) On the next page, enter your Name, Phone Number and Email Address

6) Under "Confirm Trip Purpose", click the "Yes" box

7) The "Billing" box will appear. Click "NO"

8) Click the Green "Reserve Now" Button

From there, you will complete your reservation and you will be ready to go!

Booking By Phone:

1) Call the renting branch and when prompted, press the * button to speak to a local employee

2) Provide them with the info for the reservation (Name of Renter, Date and Time of PickUp                     and Return, Car Class Needed)

3) Give them your Customer Number (WVUPERS) and let them know that you are an employee of     WVU traveling for personal use.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Scott Davisson
Business Rental Sales Executive West Virginia Group
304.415.3278 (C)
877.520.7381 (F)