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EBO Vendor Information



To speed up payments and POs to vendors, boost WVU’s productivity, and minimize the risk of taxation errors, all Vendor Registration and Maintenance has been centralized into Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services (PCPS), effective July 1, 2014. 


General Questions

What does this mean to the EBO or Department?

EBOs and Departments are no longer required to collect documentation from vendors to facilitate the vendor or employee registration process. Instead, PCPS will coordinate directly with vendors and employees to collect all necessary registration documentation.

Do I need to collect W-9s / W-8s from vendors and employees and send them to PCPS?

No. PCPS will directly contact vendors and employees to get these when needed.

Do I need to verify or provide employee addresses to PCPS?

No, however, all Payment Request Forms will prompt you to provide some minimal contact information, such as the employee’s (or vendor) email, phone and/or contact name.  Also, Employee Payment Forms now require employees to write-in their “current home” address.

Do I need to explain the vendor registration process to my vendors or employees?

No.  PCPS will explain the process to vendors and employees and get all information needed to process registrations.

My department deals with special activities involving large groups of students, employees or vendors who may be difficult to reach?

PCPS recognizes there may be more efficient or better ways to collect registration information for special activities or events.  As such, please contact PCPS well in advance of the activity or event at or 304.293.5711

Payment Questions

Will this change slow down payments to vendors and employees?

No, it should speed up the process.  EBOs and departments will no longer need to “hold” invoices, requisitions or Payment Requests for registration documentation. Instead, PCPS will coordinate the collection of registration documentation from the vendor or employee concurrent with Payment Services audit/review of the payment request and/or preparation of POs.

What is the #1 impediment towards promptly processing employee reimbursement requests?

Employees who do not keep their “home” address current in MyHR is the #1 impediment to making prompt payments to employees.  EBOs and Departments are encouraged to remind employees to update their home address in MyHR.  Unfortunately, Payments to employees cannot be made unless the address on the Payment Request Form and MyHR are in sync.

If a vendor or employee asks about registration, who do we direct them to?

Refer all inquiries to: or 304.293.5711

If a vendor or employee asks about payment, who do we direct them to?

Refer all inquiries to: or 304.293.5711

Purchasing Questions

Do I need to include a vendor number on Requisitions?

No, however, information provided in or attached to the requisition should identify the vendor by name, and include contact information, such as an email address or phone number.  A vendor number is not required. 

What about Independent Contractor Service Agreements (ICSA); do I need to collect W9s or W8s?

No.  For the time being, PCPS will also collect these.  At some point in the future, the W9 If a vendor or employee asks about requisitions or purchases, who do we direct them to?

Refer all inquiries to: or 304.293.5711