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Employee Vendor Registration

Employees who are seeking expense reimbursement (i.e., travel) are required to coordinate with their respective business office to request reimbursement and sign/complete form.

Employees are required to confirm their “current” home address in MyHR

Confirm “Current” Home Address

  1. Login to WVU’s MyAccess System at WVU MyAccess.
  2. Select the MyHR tab. (For training and instructions visit WVU’s MyHR Training at WVU MyHR Training).
  3. Select Personal Info.
  4. Review your “Home Address.” If it is incorrect, update it.
  5. It is each employee’s responsibility to ensure that the information it provides to the University is current and accurate. Otherwise, payment reimbursements may be delivered to the wrong address or returned undeliverable.

If you cannot login in to WVU’s MyAccess or MyHR, please contact your EBO to verify or update your address.


For questions or comments concerning registration to receive employee reimbursement payment:


Phone: 304.293.5711, Option 5