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Registration - Payments & Purchase Orders

Vendors who receive University business are required to separately register “by invitation” in the University’s financial system prior to receiving purchase orders or payments.

To register as a “new” vendor in the University’s financial system, please use the following procedures.

Step 1:

Complete and Submit an Original IRS Form (W9 or W8)
For the W9 or W8 form and instructions, please go to: IRS Forms

All vendors who receive business with the University are required to complete a registration form, as well as, a W9 or W8 form.


Step 2:

Complete and Submit a Vendor Registration Form

Step 3:

Mail both the original IRS Form (W9 or W8) and the Vendor Registration Form to:

WVU Vendor Relations
One Waterfront Place, 3rd floor
PO Box 6024
Morgantown, WV 26506-6024


For questions or comments concerning vendor registration:

Phone: 304.293.5711, Option 5