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Please find guidelines below to help to pay an invoice

The Purchasing and Payment Guidelines should be used to determine when to use PCard versus Mountaineer Marketplace for buying and paying for Goods and Services.

The PCPS Automated Forms Guidelines should be used to determine which electronic form to use in Mountaineer Marketplace when ordering and paying for different types of goods or services.

The Invoice Number Entry Guidelines should be used to determine how to number an invoice when an invoice was not provided by a supplier.

The WVU and WVU RC Check Pick Up Process should be used when needing to pick up a check from WVU Payment Services

The Guidelines for Paying for Fuel and Maintenance should be used to determine when an employee can use the Fuel Card for fuel, maintenance and other expenses for WVU/WVURC owned vehicles.

The WVU and WVURC Wire Guidelines should be used for all invoices to be paid via wire.

The WVU Human Subject Payment Guidelines.

The Stipends Guidelines

Memberships, Association Dues and Accreditation Fees

All membership dues or accreditation fees must be approved at the College/Department level prior to payment being made. MAP line item 5010201= “Gen Exp – Association Dues & Professional Memberships” must be used, when paying with State funding.

Any membership or association dues being paid from sponsored projects (grants) must be specifically approved by the sponsor.

Before applying for membership, either the individual requesting membership, or the college/unit business office should verify that the institution is not already a member of the association in order to avoid duplicate institutional memberships and unnecessary use of valuable institutional resources.

An individual membership can only be approved and paid for a one year period and must be directly related to the employee’s employment responsibilities.