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A WVU and/or WVU RC Procurement Card (PCard) can be used to buy and pay for specific goods and services. For information on how to get a PCard and how/when to use a PCard, please see the information below.

PCard Verification Information

In order to ensure proper purchasing and payment to online suppliers and storefronts, please note the primary billing information below:

Billing Address: 150 Clay Street, 2nd Floor, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV 26501-5976

Billing Phone: 304.293.5711 

Agency Coordinator: Rachel Hays

Any questions you might have on obtaining and managing a WVU or WVURC PCard, please reference the WVU and WVURC PCard Manual [PDF].

All PCard expenses must be reconciled electronically using MyExpenses. For more about MyExpenses, check out our MyExpenses page.

PCard Training

PCard Guidelines

PCard Forms

  • PCard Receipt Exception Form [PDF] - This is the form that must be downloaded completed if a cardholder is unable to obtain an itemized receipt for a specific PCard transaction. It cannot be filled if opened in-browser. 
  • Tax Exemption Certificate [Tax Services Website]