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Emailing W9's

WVU was recently granted the ability to accept W9's via fax or a secure electronic source. We are no longer required to obtain a hard copy original W9 from our vendors. We are also able to submit W9's to the State of WV through their secured online site.

With this change, we must remember the importance of receiving and submitting that information electronically.

Please remember that it is against WVU’s security policy to pass certain sensitive information via email. This includes the following data related to PCPS activity:
  • W9’s with Social Security Numbers
  • ACH information
  • Wire information
  • Full credit card numbers
Please make sure that you do not ask an individual or employee for a W9, ACH form, or wire form via email. Also, do not email that information to anyone else, including the PCPS staff. How can you receive or submit this information securely? Here are your options:
  • You can submit the forms securely via File Locker (, which all WVU employees should have access to.
  • If you have a vendor that would like to submit their W9 or bank account information electronically, PCPS can send the vendor a link so they can submit the information securely via File Locker.
  • If you have an employee that would like to sign up for ACH payment through the WVURC, please make sure to submit the completed ACH forms either through File Locker, in person delivery, or via fax (instructions are included on the form). 


ITS has confirmed that we can receive W9’s via email from corporations/partnerships that list a FEIN and not a social security number; however, you can certainly use File Locker for that to follow a consistent process. For credit card information, please make sure that only the last 4 or 6 digits of a PCard number is sent via email, written on hard copies, or saved on your computer. The entire card number should never be shared or stored. When using a PCard to purchase/pay, the entire card number should only be used via secured internet sites, in person, phone or fax. If you have any questions, please contact PCPS