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AVP/Chief Procurement Officer

Jeff Pratt -

Main Phone Line 304.293.5711
Director of Procure to Pay Operations Rachel Hays

Auxiliary Business Services Systems

Associate Director
Joann Derrico
Systems Specialist Sr. Alice Bowman
Systems Specialist Sr.
Courtney Goodwin
Systems Specialist Shayna Boyles
Systems Specialist Joan Sites
Systems Specialist Lewis Young

Payment Services

Senior Payment Manager Joy Quintana
Payment Analyst - Accounts Payable Janelle Hill
Payment Analyst - Accounts Payable Priya Sankar
Payment Analyst - Accounts Payable Dillon Walker
Payment Analyst - Travel and PCard Expenses Derek Bonner
Payment Analyst - Travel and PCard Expenses Rachel Moore

PCard and Disbursements

Payment Manager Savannah Oleksa
Payment Analyst Lacie Dillsworth
Payment Analyst Mary Roberge
Payment Analyst Tyler Stemple

Supplier Registration

Payment Manager Anne Burleigh
Payment Analyst Beth Dalton
Payment Analyst Janice Horvwalt

Travel Management

Travel Manager Godfrey Millstone
Director of Procurement
Robert Beck

Category Managers

Category Manager  Keith Bayles
Category Manager  Terri Castor
Category Manager Katie McGuire
Category Manager  Dana Salotti
Category Manager  Harry Youdell

Category Analysts

Category Analyst Justin Anselene
Category Analyst Virgil Cooper
Category Analyst Josh Farner
Category Analyst Fran Jones
Category Analyst Mikinna Russell

Purchasing Agents

Purchasing Agent Jess Davis
Purchasing Agent Darlene Clingan
Purchasing Agent  Cathy Cobb

Supplier Relationship Management

Category Manager Eva Hajian
Program Manager  Ivia Hensley
Postal Worker Lead Mark Simpson
Postal Worker II Travis Berg
Postal Worker II Brian Sherry
Postal Worker II Steven LaMar
Postal Worker II Carl Rollison
Contract Project Manager Darren Morris
Budget Manager Kristine Mason
Property Management Specialist Andrew Hinchman
Assistant Director Brian Root
Program Assistant I David Bissett
Program Assistant II Robin Jones
Program Assistant II Tony Moore
Program Assistant II Jacob Qualls
Program Assistant II Gary West
Program Assistant II Jennifer Westfall
Purchasing Assistant I Scott Ainsley
Purchasing Assistant I Sandra Barnett
Purchasing Assistant I Earl Breedlove
Purchasing Assistant I Terry Wilt
Purchasing Assistant II Sherri Hostuttler
Purchasing Assistant III Bruce Cheslock
Purchasing Assistant III James Harvey