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How to Add/Remove an Employee as an Approver

It can definitely be confusing when requesting advanced user access (such as EBO Approvers) to our systems.  I wanted to provide a little guidance on this subject to ease some concerns. The below forms are also used to remove access from an employee. Either the employee needing access can fill these out or another employee can submit them on behalf their behalf.


Adding an Employee to be an Approver in MyExpenses

  1. Log into Mountaineer Marketplace.
  2. On the dashboard under PCPS Automated Forms, open the MyExpenses FTA Request Form.
  3. Fill out all required fields and proceed to submit as a requisition.



Adding an Employee to be an Approver in Mountaineer Marketplace

  1. Open the webpage for the Business Information Service Request Form.
  2. Click the big blue button on the right-hand side of the page titled “Business Information Request”.
  3. Check the boxes “Add or remove MAP responsibilities” then “Add EBO responsibilities” as seen below:
  4. The Business Information Service Request menu with Add or Remove MAP Responsibilities highlighted

  5. Check the box next to WVU MM Workflow Approver.
  6. In the text box titled “Please provide any additional information for this request.”, please enter the titles of ALL folders in Mountaineer Marketplace the employee should have access to approve for.
  7. Folder Examples: Business Services EBO, BusSvc GRANT Approval, BusSvc Acct Code Assign

  8. Make sure all other required fields are completed then click “Request”.

As always, with any of our systems, please email PCPS with questions or concerns.  Also, don’t forget to review our online training library for any PCPS system provided by our friends in ITS Training located on their site under Administrative & Business Articles.