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Applying a Conference Rate to a Hotel Room in MyTravel

When booking for a conference, a conference rate typically applies to the hotel rooms. To apply this rate when using MyTravel, follow the guidelines below:

  1. Select your hotel and room choice in MyTravel
  2. When you get to the “Trip Booking Information” screen (see below), fill out your conference rate information in the “Comments for the Travel Agent” section
    1. Include the rate, code and any other required information from the specific conference
    2. This will go to a special que for our dedicated team of World Travel agents to apply the rates to the hotels for conferences
The Trip Booking Information screen with Comments for Travel Agent highlighted

*To Note – If a conference rate is only available thru the specific Conference/Hotel website, please book thru the site and add your hotel reservation to your Trip-It itinerary*

If you have any questions about MyTravel, please contact PCPS.