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Mobile App for MyTravel Updated

*Due to feedback this is an Updated Hint for accessing the Concur Mobile App*

MyTravel can be accessed through the WVU Portal at even on mobile devices while off campus, but for those that may be interested in using a mobile app to see their trip information or book travel, we have great news!


A mobile app is available for all WVU employees to use for their travel. The app (“Concur”) has all of the same abilities as MyTravel and can be used on the go! Since we have single sign on for MyTravel, users will need to create and use a pin to login to the mobile app.


To apply the Concur Mobile app on your cell phone, follow the guidelines below:


  1. Login to MyTravel (on your computer or phone)
  2. Go to your Profile Settings
    1. Select the drop-down menu from the “Profile” tab in the top right corner
    2. The Profile tab is highlighted here
    3. Select the “Profile Settings” link.
    4. The User Name menu under the Profile button has Profile Settings highlighted

      3. Under “Other Settings” select the “Concur Mobile Registration” link
      4. Under the following section, create your PIN and note your username listed

      The review your sign-in details with the example Concur Username highlighted

      5. Download the SAP Concur Mobile App on your phone from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android)
      6. In the SAP Concur App on your phone, login using your username and PIN
      7. Once logged in, you will see the following screen:

      An example of how the Concur App looks on a Cell Phone

      8. You can now use Concur on the go!

      **If at anytime you forget your PIN, you can return to the MyTravel Profile Settings, and under the “Other Settings” category, Select “Forgot Concur Mobile PIN” **

      The Other Settings Menu with Forgot Concur Mobile PIN highlighted

      If you have any questions about MyTravel, please contact PCPS