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Checking to See if a Supplier Request Form is Needed

How does a user know if they need to submit a supplier request form in Mountaineer Marketplace? The first step you should take is to see if the supplier is already registered and active in Mountaineer Marketplace. You can do that two different ways:

Option 1: Search using one of the Automated Forms
Open up one of the automated forms (i.e. non-catalog, direct pay) and type in the supplier’s name in the Supplier field. If you are not able to find that supplier’s name, that means the supplier is either inactive or has never done business with WVU. If the name comes up, but the address(es) listed does not match the address on your quote/invoice, submit an “Update an Existing Supplier” form to ask PCPS to set up the required address.

Option 2: Search using the Manage Suppliers screen
Clicking on the Suppliers Icon on the left menu in Mountaineer Marketplace and click on Search for a Supplier. Type in the supplier’s name.

Printscreen of Marketplace with Manage Supplier Feature Highlighted
Note: The side icon menu in Marketplace can be expanded by clicking on the arrow at the bottom:  The Icon Expansion Icon in Marketplace.

  • If the supplier’s name does not appear, submit the New Supplier Request – Non WVU Employee form for any supplier other than a WVU employee. Submit the New Supplier Request – Non WVU Employee form to register a WVU employee to receive payments for services. WVU employees do not need to be registered if you are reimbursing them only for expenses.
  • If the name comes up and it has a green check mark beside the name, that indicates the supplier is already active in Mountaineer Marketplace. Title of Supplier that is active to shop in Marketplace
    • In this case, click on the supplier’s name, “Contracts and Locations” section, then “Addresses” to check to make sure the address you see on your quote/invoice is listed under the supplier’s addresses. If the address is not listed, submit an “Update an Existing Supplier” form to ask PCPS to set up the required address.
      The Addresses section of the Supplier Profile highlighted
  • If the search brings up the supplier name but with a red X in front of the name, then the supplier is in the Jaggaer network but is not set up yet to do business with WVU. Name of Supplier that is not active to shop.
    • In that scenario, submit a “New Supplier – Non WVU Employee” form to register the supplier. When you submit the form, the system will give you the message that a potential match has been found because the supplier is in the Jaggaer network, but remember, you have already checked and confirm that the supplier not active in Mountaineer Marketplace, so simply proceed with your submission.

Please visit the PCPS website for instructions on how to search for suppliers and submit supplier request forms:

If you have any questions about the new supplier request process, please Contact PCPS.