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Allowable Expenses

As we have seen University employees resume business travel, PCPS wanted to send a friendly reminder of key items within the University Travel Manual that travelers need to remember when booking travel/while on travel.
Note: this is not an all-inclusive list. Please make sure to read the University Travel Manual before you book your expenses/begin your travel.


  • Traveler should select the lowest logical fare based on their specific travel situation. Tickets must be economy class (business class is permitted if flight is 6 continuous hours or longer).
  • Early bird check-in, airport clubs, seat upgrade, food/beverage on the airplane are considered personal and can’t be paid for using University funds.
  • Wi-Fi expense is allowable if the traveler’s supervisor deems the expense necessary/allowable.
  • Frequent traveler programs can be utilized, but travelers can not choose a certain airline because of their rewards program if it results in a higher airfare cost.
  • Flight insurance is allowable if approved at the departmental level if paid with non-grant funds. If the trip is grant funded, flight insurance must be deemed allowable by the grant. Baggage insurance is only allowable if University property is being stored in the checked bag and the cost to replace the property exceeds the cost of the insurance.
  • Airfare must be booked through MyTravel or AMEX directly unless falling under the exceptions listed within the University Travel Manual.

Car Rental/Mileage:

  • If driving a personal vehicle, please make sure only mileage is reimbursed, not fuel. Fuel can only be claimed when using a rental vehicle.
  • Book a vehicle full-sized or smaller unless falling under the exceptions listed within the University Travel Manual.
  • Insurance is built into the contract rate with Enterprise/National Car Rental. Do not pay for additional insurance when booking with Enterprise/National Car Rental.
  • Make sure to book directly in MyTravel or use WVU’s contract code when booking on Enterprise/National Car Rental’s website directly. That code can be found in MyTravel on the Book Travel screen.
  • Please refer to the University Travel Manual regarding mileage reimbursements for remote/hybrid employees.


  • Employees are expected to use sound financial judgment when selecting hotels based on their specific travel situation.
  • Employees are permitted to book lodging directly with the hotel/conference if receiving a conference rate.
  • Make sure that meals, movies, bottled water, fees due to damage/additional cleaning fees, etc. are not included on any expense charged to your PCard or on the amount you are requesting to be reimbursed if paid with a personal card. If you are an employee paying for another employee/guest’s hotel expense on your PCard, make sure to remind them that those expenses must be paid for with their personal card before the room is charged to your PCard.
  • Wi-Fi expense is allowable.


  • No meals can be charged on the PCard during travel unless you are charging a student group meal while in guardian travel.
  • Per diem can only be claimed for overnight travel. Same day travel does not qualify for per diem.
  • When requesting per diem in MyExpenses, make sure the first and last day of travel are marked “Travel Day” and any meals that were provided are deducted from the amount you are claiming.


  • Remove stored PCard on sites where misuse is likely (i.e., Uber, Lyft, Amazon, etc.).
  • Ensure that when personal travel and business travel are included together that there are no extra costs incurred by the University. The University will only reimburse for the business portion.
  • All expenses paid with a PCard require an itemized receipt attached to the expense report in MyExpenses, as well as airfare, lodging, and car rental regardless of payment method. See the University Travel Manual for details on when an itemized receipt is required beyond PCard expenses, air, hotel, and car rental.
  • Tax – be prepared to provide the tax exempt form to your hotel.
  • If booking travel using a WVU Foundation backbill that is a WVU fund (meaning you can use your WVU PCard), the University Travel Manual must be followed.

Please contact PCPS Travel if you have any questions.