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Applying a Direct Bill to an Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reservation

MyTravel allows a one-stop shop for all of your Enterprise car reservation needs! If the payment for a vehicle rental needs to be paid by someone else other than who the car is reserved for, a direct bill can be applied to the reservation. A direct bill can be used to pay for a car rental with Enterprise/National for an external guest (i.e candidate or guest speaker) or for an employee who does not have their own PCard. This process will avoid the individual needing to present their own form of payment at the time of picking up the vehicle, helping to ensure a smooth Enterprise experience.

Enterprise will provide a billing number that is tied to a PCard or account. It is important to keep this billing number handy when making a reservation. If you do not have a direct bill set up and would like to, please email PCPS and we will send you the forms and directions to set one up.

To apply a direct bill payment to an Enterprise reservation, please make and complete your reservation as you normally would through MyTravel or a World Travel agent, and then select one of the following options to apply the direct bill:

  • If booking through MyTravel - you have two options once your booking has completed in the system:
    • Send an email to our World Travel agents at, say that you want to apply a direct bill to the reservation, reference the Agency Record Locator number and provide the billing number from Enterprise .
    • Once you receive the emailed itinerary from World Travel, you can simply forward that email to and provide the billing number from Enterprise.
    • *Note the only difference between option 1 & 2 is either providing the Agency Record Locator number or sending the itinerary which already has that information included. Both works, so it’s a matter of preference.
  • If booking through a World Travel agent via phone or email you can let them know on the call or email to apply the direct bill by providing the billing number.

*Please note: when requesting a direct bill, it is important to provide the billing number and not just the name of the direct bill account because the billing number is the only unique identifier to tie the payment to your desired account accurately.

If you have any questions about MyTravel, please contact PCPS.