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Invoice Number Entry Guidelines

Effective November 1, 2016

Invoice Numbering Guidelines

This guideline should be applied to State funded and Research Corp funded invoices. Do not use any punctuation such as, but not limited to, ampersands (&), hyphens, commas, periods, slashes or spaces. Note: throughout the document there will be a few mentions of the number 0463. This is the agency number given to WVU by the State Auditor’s Office. 

General Policy if Invoice Number is Present on the Invoice

If an original vendor invoice number is provided on the invoice, use this number. Remove any punctuation present such as hyphens, commas, periods, slashes, or spaces. If an invoice number contains leading zeros, those leading zeros should be entered as well into the invoice number field.

General Policy if No Invoice Number is Present on the Invoice

If an original invoice number is not provided on an invoice, you must use one of the numbering conventions contained within this policy. When formulating an invoice number, do not add any punctuation marks such as hyphens, commas, periods, slashes, or spaces.

Cash Advances

For cash advances, you should use the first nine characters of the individual’s last name or first nine characters of the vendor name and the six digit first day of the cash advance period.

Example: Athletics submits a request for a cash advance to the WVU Athletic Dept Account for 9/1/16 to 9/30/16

Entry: WVUATHLET090116

Employee Reimbursement Requests

For non-travel related employee reimbursements, use the abbreviation REIMBUR followed by the date the employee signed the reimbursement request.Effective November 1, 2016

Example: Employee Joe Manchin is being reimbursed for home internet services needed to perform his state duties. He signed his reimbursement request on 09-1-16.

Entry: REIMBUR090116 (REIMBUR + MMDDYY date employee signed request)

Lease Payments

For rental expenses for the leasing and rental of space that are associated with a specific lease, use the first six digits of the assigned lease/rental agreement number along with the 6 digit ending date of the that monthly payment’s rental period.

Example: Your September 2016rent payment is due for lease number WVU789617

Entry: WVU789093016 (first six digits of lease number + MMDDYY last date of monthly rental period)

Motor Vehicle Purchases

For vehicle payments when an invoice number is not present, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number will be used. If no VIN number appears then the deal or stock number followed by DEAL or STK will be used. Any invoice containing multiple vehicles will be included in this section. 

Example 1: Purchasing a single vehicle –use the Vehicle Identification number (VIN) as the invoice number. Your department purchases a 2012 Acura. The VIN number is JH4TB2H26CC000000. 

Entry: JH4TB2H26CC000000 

Example 2: Multiple vehicles on invoice or no VIN number–use 0463 + your six digit invoice date. Your agency purchases twelve vehicles from Sull Automotive. Your invoice documentation consist of the invoice date is 10-1-16. 

Entry: Invoice number: 0463100116 (0463 + MMDDYY invoice date)

Professional Dues and Association Memberships

When paying vendor directly on behalf of a single employee-use 0463 + the individual’s last name and the 4 digit beginning year of the dues period. 

Example: You need to pay the annual membership for ABC organization for John Smith for the period 07/01/16 to 06/20/17.

Entry: 0463SMITH2016 (0463 + last name + YYYY year of the beginning dues period)When paying dues to an organization on WVU’s behalf or for multiple employees-use 0463 + the word DUES + the 4 digit beginning year of the dues period.

Example: You need to pay WVU’s institutional dues to ABC Organization for 2016-2017. 

Entry: 0463DUES2016 (0463 + DUES+ YYYY year of the beginning dues period)


In certain unique cases, it may be necessary to submit payment from a statement (a summary of multiple invoices that are attached to the statement as backup and summarized). Even if a particular invoice presented for payment is titled “Statement”, it must be a summarized presentation of multiple invoices, bills, or tickets to fall under this section. The statement must be provided by the vendor and cannot be generated by the department. What you use as the invoice number will depend on whether a statement number is provided by the vendor on the face of the statement. 

Example: Statement number is provided by the vendor. Use the statement number as the invoice number. 

Example: Statement number is not provided by the vendor and invoice date/statement date exists. Use STMT + 0463 + the 6 digit statement date in MMDDYY format. 

Example: Statement number not provided by vendor and no invoice date/statement date exists. Use STMT + 0463 + the 6 digit date the invoice was received by WVU.

Supplemental Payments

In some instances, payments may need to be made to accompany payments that have already been processed. In this case, you will use the invoice number of the original payment, but add SUP to the end.

Example: You have marked down invoice #56789 by $35.00 because you believe an item on the invoice was never received. The original invoice is short-paid and a check is issued. Later, you learn the $35.00 should have actually been paid, and you will need to use the original invoice to make that supplemental payment as the vendor is unable to provide a revised invoice. Entry: 56789SUP (original invoice# + SUP)


For all travel invoices that do not include an invoice number, use the first and last date of travel in six digit format with no spaces. For any same day travel reimbursement, use the date of travel. Note: For multiple travel settlements for the same vendor submitted for the same trip use “SUP” at the end of the invoice number to indicate that it is a supplement reimbursement.

Example: An employee submits a travel reimbursement. The travel dates are 09/3/16 10 9/6/16.

Entry: Invoice number to be entered is: 090316090616 

Example 2: An employee submits a travel reimbursement. The travel date is 8/15/16 

Entry 2: 081516


For all Utility payments that do not include an invoice number, use the entire account number followed by the 6 digit MMDDYY of the end date of service. If no service date is provided use the bill date of the invoice. For summary bills containing multiple accounts/meters, use the bill date.

Example: An electric bill for account number 1234-567-89-0for the service period of 11/04/16 to 12/06/16. 

Entry: Invoice number should be 1234567890120616 (account number + MMDDYY ending date of service.


For all other invoices that do not meet one of the previous guidelines, use0463 + the invoice date. If there is no invoice date, the date the invoice was received by WVU shall be used. 

Example: Altoona Area School District submits an invoice for payment of a college fair entry fee and the invoice does not contain an invoice number and does not follow any of the above exception criteria. The invoice date is 09-15-16. 

Entry: 0463091516 (0463 + MMDDYY invoice date)

For any questions on this document, please email PCPS.