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Receiving Your Goods/Services

Whether it is a Quantity Receipt for products or a Cost Receipt for services completed, receiving in Mountaineer Marketplace (MM) is a vital component in payment process – especially during end of year as it directly impacts budget and financial statements.

MM is a powerful tool, but can also be confusing when certain capabilities within the application do not lineup with our WVU Organizational Rules – so we must rely on proper communication and training to our colleagues for guidance.

I wanted to send this reminder out in hopes you will pass it along. 

Put simply, you should only ever need to take action on the Green-Circled fields and buttons on the receipt document pictured below.  You will never want to use the buttons with the red ‘Xs’ as they are not going to perform the expected actions, we have our own business rules in place:

A print screen of process as it appears in Mountaineer Marketplace

Returning an Item can be especially cumbersome, but we (PCPS) are here to help.

When there is a need to return an item, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Do NOT complete receiving in Mountaineer Marketplace for the item you wish to return.  This will prevent the payment from being issued to the supplier and negate the need for any credits to process.
  2. Contact the supplier directly to determine best course of action for physically returning the item(s).
  3. Communicate your situation with and a subject matter expert will assist you through ensuring any payments or encumbrances are reconciled.

Below is a link to a helpful video from our online knowledge articles on receiving as a refresher of more detailed steps. Again, please share with colleagues in your perspective unit if they are not included on this list serv.

Receiving and Returning in Mountaineer Marketplace (video with sound)

As a reminder, all helpful hints that are sent out to this listserv are posted for reference on our website here:

Thank you for your attention!