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Conference/Travel - Coronavirus Update


Many trips are being cancelled by both suppliers (such as conferences) and by our travelers due to the recent coronavirus. Cancelling a trip that was booked through MyTravel or with a World Travel agent is easy.


If you want to cancel your trip through your MyTravel profile, you can do so by selecting your trip and in the “Trip Overview” section by selecting “Cancel Entire Trip” To cancel through an agent you can call or email a World Travel at:



Phone: (877) 778-7936


To view your canceled trips, head to your “Trip Library,” which can be found under the “Travel” tab on the homepage of your MyTravel profile. Select the “Include withdrawn trips” box  and  click “Search.”


A worry-free cancellation process being provided by World Travel is just another great reason to book travel through MyTravel or with a World Travel agent.   World Travel also can assist in the rebooking of trips using any airfare credits travelers may gain from their cancelled trips.  


For those who did not book within the University’s strongly encouraged method, all cancellations will need to be done through the vendor in which they were booked.


Any credits or fees will need to be worked out directly with those vendors. Our office can aid in questions regarding what expenses will be covered if travel was booked outside of World Travel/MyTravel; however, we cannot assist in the actual cancellation processes, as they vary from vendor to vendor.


For those who booked within the online booking tool or agency, agents can offer guided assistance to cancel trips and answer any questions, which gives travelers comfort and confidence in any changes to their upcoming trips.  


If any supervisors or departments need to know where their travelers are, World Travel also can assist in detecting if any travelers who booked through MyTravel/World Travel are in any of the L3 locations of the COVID-19 and help to safely get them home.  



If you have any questions about MyTravel, please contact   PCPS. .