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Don’t Fall for Gift Card Phishing Scams

Information Technology Services reminds you to be aware of malicious emails urgently asking you to purchase gift cards using personal or University funds. These emails may appear to come from someone you know or someone who works at WVU, but they are really from would-be thieves.

Do not click on any links or reply to these emails. Forward suspicious email as an attachment to or call the person who appears to have sent the request by using their number in the WVU directory.

Not sure if an email is a scam? Here are some obvious signs:

  • Has poor grammar and spelling
  • Contains a threat or warning of severe consequence if you do not act immediately
  • Asks you to make a payment using an unsecure method, like wire transfer, money order or bitcoin

It’s good practice to hover your mouse over links and return email addresses to see where information is actually coming and going. Pay attention to whether it’s formatted the way you’d expect for a WVU address or website. If you’re using a mobile device, you can press and hold links to see that information. But don’t click until you know they are safe!

Remember! must approve all requests to purchase gift cards before the purchase is made.

To learn more about phishing scams, see the IT page on Phishing.