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Paying Utility Invoices

As a reminder, utilities other than phone/internet/cable must only be processed in Mountaineer Marketplace and are not permitted on the PCard. This is an important control we have in place to avoid duplicate payments of utilities. It also allows us to effectively report on the status of payments and any payment discrepancies with the suppliers.

Please make sure to submit the invoices on the Utilities Form in Mountaineer Marketplace as soon as possible to avoid late payments. We suggest seeing if you can receive the invoice via email or through the supplier’s website instead of a receiving the paper invoice in the mail.

For utilities processed in Mountaineer Marketplace or for the telecom utilities paid on the PCard:

  • We can only pay the amount due for the current charges. If there are past due amounts, we can only pay those when we have the original invoice for those specific charges. We can not just use the past due amount to pay against
  • We also do not pay late fees on utility invoices. In the past we may have occasionally paid late fees, but we need to be consistent with this policy moving forward.
  • Any requests submitted in Marketplace should only include the amount for the current charges and any past due amount or late fees should not be included.
  • Any telecom utilities paid on the PCard must not include late fees or past due amounts.

Please send any related questions to PCPS.