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Required Documentation for Confirming Orders

The West Virginia State Auditor’s Office requires a three-way match in order to pay all invoices. This means that there must be up-front pricing from either a quotation or contract, a requisition and purchase order, and an invoice supported by the up-front information. Instances of exception include direct payment (such as utilities, association dues, travel) and emergency orders.

This is a reminder that when submitting a Confirming Order form in Mountaineer Marketplace a quote or agreement needs to be included along with the invoice. In the event a quote or agreement was not obtained prior to the purchase, the department will need to request this documentation from the supplier prior to submission in Mountaineer Marketplace. Confirming orders should be avoided at all costs and should be replaced by contractual payments and blanket Purchase Orders going forward.

From an auditing standpoint, the quote or agreement is needed to verify the pricing on the invoice is as expected. This verification is required by the State Auditor’s Office and they will not pay an invoice without it.

Please note in the event a product or service cannot be found within the Mountaineer Marketplace catalogs the correct procedure is to obtain a quote or agreement from the supplier and submit a Non-Catalog Form. The use of the Confirming Order form should be reserved for emergency situations only. Please contact PCPS for suggested remedies to individual circumstances.