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Updated Guidelines on Fuel and Maintenance for University Vehicles

The guidelines for paying for fuel and maintenance costs for University owned vehicles has been updated and can be found on PCPS’s website. Please review the guidelines if your department owns any University owned vehicles.

As a reminder:

  • All fuel for WVU owned vehicles one ton or less (the majority of the university’s vehicles) must be purchased through the ARI cards specifically tied to that specific vehicle. PCard cannot be used for fuel for these vehicles.
  • The ARI card tied to each specific vehicle must only be used for the designated vehicle.
  • Maintenance expenses for WVU owned vehicles should go through WVU Transportation (Motor Pool). The PCard or Mountaineer Marketplace cannot be used for maintenance or parts related to these vehicles.
  • Car washes for vehicles one ton or less should be purchased using the ARI card, not the PCard.
  • Contact Fleet Maintenance for PIN questions/issues, driver fuel card user agreements, and other questions.

As noted in the prior versions of these guidelines, as well as the updated version, there is a monthly fee imposed by the State of WV for vehicles one ton or less to participate in the ARI program, which is a required program. $6 for the fuel program and $6 for the maintenance program. Central has not yet charged departments for the fee for their particular vehicles this fiscal year; however, that monthly fee will be charged to the department funding string tied to each vehicle beginning fiscal year 2022. Departments will be charged at the end of each quarter.