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WVU Shared Services Center Monthly Customers’ Group Meeting 9/22/2021

As part of our continuing efforts to improve customer service for the faculty and staff that we serve, the WVU Shared Services Center is inviting members of the WVU community to our monthly Customers’ Group Meeting.  

This monthly meeting will provide the opportunity for the Shared Services team to share updates on key initiatives and hear directly from our current and future customers.

There is an established agenda each month; however, we will always allow time for your feedback on what we are doing well and opportunities for improvement.

The September 22nd meeting will discuss the hiring process as it relates to students and other non-benefits eligible employees.  We will discuss how to start the process and what happens after the process begins.

To accommodate various schedules, we are hosting the meetings at two separate times. Sessions will be held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at noon and 4 p.m.

Each meeting will be hosted via the Zoom platform. Please contact Shared Services if you did not receive a link by email.