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PCPS updates home shipping policies for office and computer supplies

To update a policy implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services (PCPS) team is revising its guidelines on the shipment of office and computer supplies to home addresses.

Effective immediately, only Dell catalog ITS-recommended* computer supplies may be delivered to employees’ personal homes. All other office supplies, including paper, notepads and staplers, are no longer eligible for home delivery and must be delivered to a WVU address.

As a reminder, the University provides guidance on what can and cannot be purchased with University funds:

  • ITS-approved computer supplies (i.e., laptop, tower, monitor, tablet, keyboard, mouse, webcam, computer speaker, etc.) may be purchased using University funds through Mountaineer Marketplace. Using a PCard to purchase these items is not permitted and will be considered a violation unless an exception is granted by PCPS. Employees working in an on-site or hybrid capacity must ship computer supplies to a WVU address.
  • The University will pay for one computer setup per employee. Additional computer devices (i.e., additional laptop, tower, monitor, tablet, keyboard, mouse, webcam, computer speaker, etc.) cannot be purchased using University funds unless the item is grant-funded.
  • Computer supplies that have not been configured by ITS** should be purchased through Mountaineer Marketplace and shipped to a University address.
  • All office furniture for on-site use must be purchased through Mountaineer Marketplace. The purchase of office furniture and equipment for an employee’s home office – regardless of their work arrangement – is considered a personal expense.
  • Similarly, printers and printer supplies for an employee’s home office also are considered personal expenses.
  • The University does not pay for an employee’s personal home internet expenses. Similarly, the University does not pay for or reimburse home phone or cell phone plans. As an alternative, employees can utilize Microsoft Teams and/or Jabber for work-related phone calls. The University’s cell phone stipend for employees whose job responsibilities require regular phone and/or data connectivity remains in effect.
  • Employees who drive to campus to pick up their supplies will not be reimbursed for mileage expenses. However, employees may work with their supervisor to arrange pickup of supplies during work hours.

* ITS-configured items are included only in the Dell catalog in Mountaineer Marketplace and are marked as “WVU Recommended.” Laptops that are “WVU Recommended” and the “WVU Recommended Desktop” are available for home shipping.
** To ship to a home address through Mountaineer Marketplace, the requisition will require supervisor approval, and an internal note/comment must be added to the requisition noting the purpose of the expense. Audit reports will be run by PCPS to ensure compliance.

The PCPS team appreciates your cooperation in following these policies. If you have any questions about confirming orders, please email or call 304-293-5711 (Monday to Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.).