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New Form for PCard Applications & Maintenances Coming July 6th!

Beginning July 6th, the form used for requesting new PCards or updates to existing PCards will be updated! Rather than two separate forms, there will now be one form, “PCard Application and Changes”.

A few notes:

  • The general type of information and questions will remain the same, but now you only have to go to one form.
  • Each form will first ask for the cardholder’s name and WVUID. You will then be asked whether you want to apply for a PCard or update an existing PCard. Your answer to that question will then determine the next questions you are asked.
  • Simply answer the required questions and submit. The form will then route to the Strategic Business Advisor (SBA) for your College/Division. After the SBA approves, the form will route to PCard Administration for review/approval.
  • Remember! If you are asking for a single transaction limit over $5,000 and/or cycle limit over $25,000, a field will pop up asking for justification. If you are needing to increase the card for a one time purchase, please make sure to attach the quote/invoice to your cart.

If you have any questions, please email Pcard Administration.