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Expiring PCards

We just wanted to send a reminder that all PCards expire at the end of the month listed on the PCard . For example, if your PCard expires on 02/22 then it will be available for use until the last day in February. All replacement cards are sent to Mail Services at the beginning of the month in which they expire. After sorting through the cards, we will reach out to the cardholder/department to set up a date and time for pick up.


  • If there has been no spend activity on your PCard for over 22 months, US Bank will close your PCard due to inactivity. Our office will contact you if your account is set to be closed due to inactivity to determine if the card needs to remain opened.
  • If you don’t have a need for the PCard, please let us know as well as submit a PCard Application & Changes form in Mountaineer Marketplace to cancel the PCard.

If you have any queries, please Contact the PCard Administration Team.